About Us


Favarr connects travellers and senders to create a trusted community.


Travellers earn

We enable travellers to monetise the spare space in their luggage.


Senders save

We enable senders to send items worldwide within 24 hours at lower cost.

This simple but revolutionary idea was created by a team of entrepreneurs based in Boston Massachusetts, USA.

The team is made up of entrepreneurs and consultants who’ve previously worked for some of the largest consulting, communications and travel brands in the world; people who are eager to make travel more equitable, revolutionize parcel delivery and connect global travellers.


We’re an early-stage startup but we’ve already turned heads. In 2022, after being judged the New York Region winner in the Harvard Business School New Venture Competition, Favarr was one of the 8 finalists in the 25th HBS NVC.


We’re disrupting the delivery industry one parcel at a time.

On the back of considerable interest, we’re preparing for an early funding round. Please get in touch if you’re interested in participating by emailing hello@favarr.com