How the Favarr

app works


Favarr connects travellers and senders to create a trusted community.

This simple but revolutionary idea was created by a team of entrepreneurs based in Boston Massachusetts, USA

The team is made up of entrepreneurs and consultants who’ve previously worked for some of the largest consulting, communications and travel brands in the world; people who are eager to make travel more equitable, revolutionize parcel delivery and connect global travellers.

Please watch our instructional videos below on how to navigate and use Favarr to help with all your delivery and travel needs. For any queries you have that are not answered below please visit our FAQ page for further information.

List your upcoming trip

Learn how to list your upcoming trip on Favarr, set your own fees and get paid after safely delivering items.

List your package

Learn how to list a package on Favarr, and you'll start receiving matches with potential travellers in no time.

Link your bank account

Learn how to link your bank account to the Favarr app, and you’ll be able to start receiving payouts.

Create your Favarr account

Learn how to set up your Favarr account in under a minute, and you’ll be ready to start your Favarr journey.

Reset your password

Learn how to reset your Favarr account password.

Delete your Favarr account

Learn how to delete your Favarr account in under a minute.