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Peer to Peer

Favarr is a peer-to-peer network. We provide a platform that allows senders to meet with travellers to transport goods from one destination to another.

We connect you, and it’s up to you as travellers and senders to agree the locations, fees and routes between yourselves.

Our platform makes it easy and fast to send the things you care about.

We’ve put in place lots of measures to help you stay safe

We verify all Favarr users We use a third-party service called Persona to verify the identity of all our users: senders and travellers. Personaverifies government IDs so you can be sure that you’re dealing with the person you think you are.

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We offer Transparency

We track the progress of goods with travellers. Transparency ensures all parties know where their goods are.

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We hold fees until it’s delivered

Money paid for the service is held in escrow until the goods are delivered.

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We provide confirmation

Our OTP verification feature provides an extra layer of protection to ensure you're exchanging package with the right traveller.

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We ask all items sent are thoroughly described

When a sender adds their items to the platform, we ask that they describe items in detail. Travellers can then make sure they are happy to take the item.

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We recommend safe places for travellers and senders to meet

We recommend safe places for travellers to collect or deliver the goods before and at the end of their journey.

Those are the things we do to help you keep safe, but here are some other ways you can stay safe while using Favarr.

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Favarr lets people list items they want to send and where they want them to go and then matches them up with people who are already going there.