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You can'`t find a product in your home country or too expensive to order from your region? With Favarr, you can order from the comfort of your home country, and enjoy the same prices US customers enjoy.
We are the future of global delivery. Download Favarr Today!
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Redefining Global Package
Delivery Service

Sending a package internationally is a hassle. You deal with complex forms, custom fees, multiple carriers, and skyrocketing expenses. With Favarr's peer-to-peer delivery network, you can skip the stress and just ship.

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Unnecessary Fees

Say goodbye to unnecessary import fees!

We Make International Delivery Simple, Fast,
Affordable, and Convenient!

Favarr connects you to real travelers already heading your way. You simply list what you need to send, and we algorithmically match you with someone with room in their luggage to carry your package

Our Peer-to-Peer model provides a number of benefits
over standard shipping

Whether you need to get important documents, gifts, care packages, or other items overseas immediately, Favarr makes it happen without the hassles and outrageous fees of conventional shipping

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Save Significantly

Cut costs by up to 75% compared to conventional courier services.

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Rapid Delivery

Experience the efficiency of 24-hour global delivery to over 180 countries.

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Access Worldwide Selection with Delivery Included

Get what you want, even if the seller doesn’t ship to your country. Through Favarr, you can order from US retailers like Amazon. We’ll match you with a traveler to safely bring your purchases from the US or other countries you don’t have direct access to. Take advantage of the selection and prices only available abroad, delivered straight to your door. Expand your options without difficult proxy services or insane international shipping costs.

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Travel Travel Companions For Loved Ones

Do you have a family member who needs to get from point A to point B but can't manage the trip alone? Favarr can help provide a travel companion. Our compassionate community is ready to lend a hand so your loved ones don't have to travel solo. We'll match them with a trusted, verified travel buddy for flights, cruises, tours, and more. It's personalized assistance you can count on.

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Empowering Travelers, Assisting Senders

For travelers, Favarr opens up a world of opportunities. Turn your extra luggage space into a chance to earn while helping others. For senders, Favarr is a symbol of hope, offering a swift, cost-effective alternative to traditional courier services. It's a win-win situation, where travelers make the most of their journeys, and senders enjoy the benefits of quick, international package delivery.

Join the Favarr Community: Where Shipping Meets Innovation

Embrace the future of international crowd shipping with Favarr. Our platform goes beyond just being a service; it's a community of reliable, verified travelers ready to make your shipping and travel needs effortless and most cost effective.


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Download the Favarr app today and unlock a world of possibilities. Whether you're a sender looking for a swift, cost-effective shipping solution or a traveler eager to make the most of your journey, our app puts the power of our innovative platform right in your hands

Download the Favarr app now and join a community where convenience, affordability, and reliability come together. Your next shipping solution or travel opportunity is just a download away.

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