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You can'`t find a product in your home country or too expensive to order from your region? With Favarr, you can order from the comfort of your home country, and enjoy the same prices US customers enjoy.
We are the future of global delivery. Download Favarr Today!
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Experience The Easier, Faster Way to Ship Packages Globally

Sending packages internationally is difficult and expensive using traditional carriers. But it doesn't have to be! Favarr offers a better peer-to-peer courier service that saves you time and money. We connect you, and you work together to decide on meeting locations, fees, and routes. P2P shipping has never been more convenient or affordable

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It’s A Win-Win

Our travelers earn extra cash utilizing the spare space in their luggage. Senders get items delivered globally with speed and convenience. Favarr facilitates trusting connections between real people to make overseas package shipping simpler and more affordable.

If you need to send packages overseas, see if Favarr can help you ship better. Download our app and list your package today to start saving time and money!

Build Trust By Keeping Your Delivery Safe

We want every shipment on Favarr to arrive safely. That’s why we’ve implemented extensive measures to facilitate secure handoffs and deliveries

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ID verification

All Favarr users must confirm their identity to participate, increasing accountability and trust

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Package Tracking

Senders can view real-time updates on their item's location and progress during transport.

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Ready to Save on International Package Delivery?

Join the Favarr community today and save up to 75% compared to traditional shipping or courier services. We make global delivery affordable, convenient, and reliable through people-powered shipping.

List your package now and let our travelers handle the transportation for you!