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You can'`t find a product in your home country or too expensive to order from your region? With Favarr, you can order from the comfort of your home country, and enjoy the same prices US customers enjoy.
We are the future of global delivery. Download Favarr Today!
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How Favarr's Global Peer-to-Peer
Delivery Service Works

Sending a package internationally is a hassle. You deal with complex forms, custom fees, multiple carriers, and skyrocketing expenses. With Favarr's peer-to-peer delivery network, you can skip the stress and just ship.

Three Easy Steps for Global Shipping

Taking advantage of the easiest and cheapest ways to ship packages overseas with Favarr takes just a few simple steps

list your package

Get Matched

Our algorithm instantly matches you with verified travelers heading to your delivery destination with room to carry items.

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List Your Package

Using our app, provide details like item description, destination address, and preferred delivery timeline. Upload photos if needed

list your package

Coordinate Hand-Off

Chat within the app to coordinate a convenient and public place meetup for the traveler to inspect and pick up your package. Confirm all details.

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Seamless Domestic Shipping Also Available

In addition to our international delivery network, Favarr facilitates peer-to-peer shipping within the US. Follow the same simple process to get packages delivered across the country without dealing with major carriers. Avoid delays and benefit from lower rates through our community.

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We Also Help Families Travel Together

Favarr offers travel companions for elderly parents traveling solo. Our vetted buddies provide assistance for flights, tours, and more, ensuring security and peace of mind. Let us ease the stress of solo travel for your loved ones.

Anyone Can Participate as a Sender or Traveler

Favarr lets any individual safely participate on both sides of the delivery process


As a Sender

Quickly ship items big and small without size and weight restrictions. Access 180+ countries not easily served by large carriers.