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You can'`t find a product in your home country or too expensive to order from your region? With Favarr, you can order from the comfort of your home country, and enjoy the same prices US customers enjoy.
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The Favarr Story

Favarr was founded in 2022 by a team of entrepreneurs in Boston and UK, united by a mission to make international shipping accessible, affordable, and hassle-free.

After experiencing the pain points of traditional overseas delivery firsthand, we knew there had to be a better way. That spark of an idea soon grew into an innovative solution and peer-to-peer delivery network called Favarr.

Our Journey !

Taking advantage of the easiest and cheapest ways to ship packages overseas with Favarr takes just a few simple steps

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How It All Began

During a trip abroad, our founders struggled to know how to ship packages overseas efficiently and cost-effectively. They were met with exorbitant fees, confusing carriers, customs delays, and strict size limits.

There had to be an easier way to send packages globally.

That's when our founders saw an opportunity to connect travelers with extra luggage space to people needing items shipped internationally.

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Growing a Community to Transform Shipping

Today, Favarr has become a thriving community that makes international delivery easier and affordable for thousands of senders worldwide.

Our intuitive platform matches senders to travelers already heading their way. Packages big and small get transported door-to-door quickly and safely. Senders save up to 75% on costs, while travelers earn extra cash. Backed by logistics expertise and advanced technology, we handle the complexities so real people can focus on trusting connections and happy deliveries

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What the Future Holds

In just over a year, Favarr has grown from a promising startup to a disruptive force in global commerce. In 2022, we were named the New York Region Winner in the Harvard Business School New Venture Competition as one of the eight finalists. But we're just getting started on our mission to make shipping accessible to all. With continued traction and expansion, we aim to build the world's largest peer-to-peer delivery network. Most importantly, we'll stay true to our community roots - facilitating human-powered shipping that creates value for both travelers and senders around the world.

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Want to Join the Journey?

Are you passionate about innovating how packages travel across borders? Let's connect! We're always looking for talented people to join our mission. After earning all of this attention, we’re also preparing for an early funding round. Let us know if you’re interested in participating at

Experience the future of global shipping with Favarr today. Let's deliver better together.